artConnect May 2011: Dan Brereton

Art inspires passion, charity gives hope, and creating synergy between the two can transform lives. We think that's a pretty cool superpower to have. So, each month Reno Type commissions one piece of art from a local Nevada artist. The art is produced in a limited edition print that you can buy here on the website—50% of the proceeds go to a charity of the artists choice.

Evening Death and Pumpkins by Dan Brereton

Dan Brereton, No. California
Evening Death and Pumpkins, Watercolor and Gouache on board

An original painting created for the artist's series "The Nocturnals," which follows the supernatural exploits of Doc Horror and his daughter Eve in Pacific City, a fictional California town which seems to have more than its fair share of paranormal activity. The series is noted for its eclectic combination of pulp storytelling, fantastic creatures, moody atmosphere, and colorful characters, as well as Brereton's trademark painted art style.

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