artConnect February 2011: Chris Talbot

Art inspires passion, charity gives hope, and creating synergy between the two can transform lives. We think that's a pretty cool superpower to have. So, each month Reno Type commissions one piece of art from a local Nevada artist. The art is produced in a limited edition print that you can buy here on the website—50% of the proceeds go to a charity of the artists choice.

Snow Creek by Chris Talbot

Chris Talbot, North Lake Tahoe
Snow Creek, Giclée

Rivers are central to how Project GO meets its mission, and this print is a beautiful reminder. Photographer Chris Talbot still shoots the "old fashioned" way. On film. This image was captured on 6x7 transparency, which, when expertly scanned, allows for a higher resolution and greater tonal range than can be captured with the digital SLRs that many photographers use today.

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