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Great art needs inspired printing to showcase talent to a wider audience, and that’s where Reno Type comes in. We’re passionate about art and the community where we live and work, so we've decided to give our friends some publicity and do some good at the same time.

Each month in 2011 Reno Type will reproduce, as a limited edition,one piece of art from a local artist which will be sold with a percentage of the proceeds going to a charity of the artist's choice.

Art inspires passion, charity gives hope, and creating synergy between the two can transform lives. We think that’s a pretty cool superpower to have.

call to artists

Sometimes the medium is both message and messenger. Reno Type is passionate about giving form to inspiration, showcasing talent creativity in the best possible medium so that your vision is communicated without distraction.

We are excited to announce that each month we will be reproducing one piece of art from an  artist that will be sold to benefit charity.

At our expense we will create a limited edition print of the artist’s work, with a designated number going to the artist and the charity, and selling some ourselves with  a percentage of the profits of those sales donated to charity.

So if you or someone you know has an original work of art that you believe would connect to a wider audience, give Reno Type a call. We believe in spreading the love.


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