artConnect June 2011: Kelly Peyton

Untitled by Kelly Peyton Kelly Peyton
$90 (edition 100)

Giclée. 14x19 inch image on 14x22 Elegance Velvet, a cotton rag fine art paper. Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist, and includes a certificate of authenticity.


About the Artist:
Kelly Peyton, a mixed-media artist and student at University of Nevada, Reno, was selected by an Artown judging committee from among more than a dozen artists to create the artwork that is to represent the festival for its 16th year. The final work, which incorporates drawing and watercolor techniques, conveys the color and energy of Artown while also representing its northern Nevada roots.

Peyton, just 23 and a Reno native, has considered herself a lifelong artist but didn’t take her first painting class until high school. She’s continued her exploration of art by pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UNR’s art school and working with various mediums including photography, painting, drawing, watercolor and some sculpture.

“I am an explorer at heart and I have found most of my inspiration for art in my direct environment,” Peyton said. “I have spent a lot of my time exploring around the depths of downtown Reno, to the outer rims of the desert and beyond. I also lived in Santiago, Chile for four months and was inclined to explore that city from head to toe as well. Therefore I have been extremely inspired by graffiti and street art, as well as the natural beauty of an environment. My love of exploration has led me to develop a sincere, spiritual connection to my surroundings.”

The beneficiary: Artown
Artown, recipient of three consecutive National Endowment for the Arts grant awards, highlights the arts in Reno each July with a packed calendar of events. Artown captures the imagination and brings with it a celebration of distinguished artists from around the world, across the country, and those that live in our community all for the sake of cultural diversity and artistic innovation. To experience the best and the latest in visual and performing arts, Artown features more than 400 events, from over 100 presenters designed to inspire, and yes, to impress the 350,000 people that experience our festival annually.

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